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JOY: the emotion of wellbeing

When we come home to ourselves, we can feel at ease, safe, connected, and supported. These are the feelings of well-being, and they manifest for humans as the emotion of joy. Learn how to be at home in your life and in this world by cultivating joy every day.

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C.A.R. Framework

“How to Build Educators’ SEL Awareness when Engaging in Race and Equity Work within Schools” | Presented at CPSEL Conference 2021 Dr. Maria Akinyele & Dr. Sarah Benis Scheier-Dolberg C.A.R.

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Anger and Advocacy

We have the opportunity to tap into the wisdom of our feelings. When I feel angry, I have the opportunity to pay attention to what the feeling might be telling

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Emotional Wellness In Schools

Emotions drive our actions, and developing our capacity to make space for exploring our own emotionscapes gives us greater agency in directing our energies in purposeful pursuit of our goals.

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meet sarah

Sarah BSD - Life and Leadership coach.

Sarah Benis Scheier-Dolberg is a life and leadership coach, strategist, mother, researcher, and facilitator of learning for children and adults. Sarah leverages 20+ years of experience in teaching, coaching, leadership, and consulting to grow your emotional intelligence and leadership skills to better manage your stress, deepen your relationships, and energize your teams at home and at work.