Joy of Healing Exercises

Connect Mind-Body-Heart

Joy of Healing sessions begin with intentional practices to connect the mind, heart, and body through centering and appreciation practices.

Engage Curiosity

With our neurological pathways and parasympathetic systems activated, we engage our curiosity in how to connect with and bring forward the healing emotions of wellbeing: joy, love, compassion, trust, and acceptance.

Venn Diagram Exercise: Learning the Emotions of Wellbeing

Joyful Envisioning

We actively bring forward the emotions of wellbeing in our minds by envisioning the places, relationships, and experiences that elicit a sense of feeling at home in ourselves and the world.

Home Envisioning Exercise (6 min)

Insightful Action

With a coaching mindset, we explore our learnings and insights in the session to set a commitment to future action.

Reflect Forward

We deepen our learnings and embrace the emotions of wellbeing through writing, drawing, and making quiet space to reflect and call our best selves forward.

Joy of Healing Session Reflective Survey

with grace


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