My TNBC Journey Begins

I was diagnosed this month with breast cancer, technically TNBC. It’s an early, high-risk cancer. I have felt and continue to feel a range of feelings and emotions…

Grateful for the medical team that is guiding my care at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and for the swift, compassionate advocacy of our family practice doctors who removed the substantial barriers that exist for high quality detection and treatment.

Curious about what treatment options and medical care and monitoring will be the best fit for me as a patient and human being over the coming months and years.

Fearful with that tingling heat that comes to my chest when my guts detect mortal danger, like superman falling to kryptonite when Lex Luthor surprises him with the green orb.

Purposeful in solving this next big set of challenges and uncertainties (putting all my professional training and experience to the test in a new way).

Hopeful that I can contribute to my active, positive, and full recovery in the coming months and years; that I can inspire myself and others to live and breathe with ease everyday and to amplify the joy, love, and vitality in our bodies, minds, and communities.

Supported by my partner in all things, Joe, my son Solomon, my incredible colleagues, and the love of my friends and family.

I invite you into this new journey with me as I make space for myself to experience this new diagnosis and all the turmoil and light that it is bringing into my life.

with grace



  • All the best Sarah. And I would love to get your updates, as I and we send you loving good wishes – even on days when you don’t hear from us. Admiring your approach to this challenge in your life.
    Mike and Vera


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