Educational Technology for K-12 Educators

Educational Technology Course and Coaching Menu

  • Computer Basics – Mac
  • Computer Basics – PC
  • Email Basics
  • Microsoft Office Basics
  • Elmo and Other Digital Projector Basics
  • SMART Board (Interactive Whiteboard) Basics
  • Web 2.0 Tools
    • Basics
    • Blogging (WordPress)
    • Google Apps and Tools
    • Online Filesharing (Dropbox and Google Docs)
    • Online Video Sharing (Jing and Vimeo)
    • Podcasting
    • RSS Feeds and Social Bookmarking
    • Social Networking (Ning and Twiter)
    • Websites (Google and Weebly)
    • Wikis
  • Digital Storytelling and Digital Photography
  • Digital Video Cameras and Basic Video Editing
  • Integrating Data-Driven Inquiry Team Work and Technology
  • Integrating Curriculum Mapping, Common Core Standards, and Technology
  • Differentiating Instruction with Assistive Technology
  • Funding for Technology (Donors Choose)

Professional Development Tailored to School-Based Needs and Goals

  • Provides professional development workshops and one-on-one coaching before, during, or after school.
  • Works in partnership with teachers and students to model technology use in the classroom.
  • Collaborates with teachers, school technology specialists, and administrators to assist meeting technology and curriculum standards.

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