11X144 MSQI Professional Learning Materials

ELA Department PD Sessions

Reading Strategies Station Materials (May 16)


  1. Comprehension Rubric I MSQI PPT (May 2, 2013)
  2. Comprehension Rubric II MSQI (May 9, 2013)
  3. Reciprocal Reading Comprehension Rubric PDF
  4. Reciprocal-Assessment-Rubric blank Word
  5. Reciprocal Reading Bookmark SBSD (modified AUSSIE)
  6. Grant Wiggins blogpost about John Hattie’s recent work
  7. Reciprocal Reading Group Collaboration Rubric WordPDF

Call of the wild wolfGrade 8

Rural Unit Materials

Grade 8 ELA Map_2012-13 & Rural Unit Revised Draft (revised pp. 1-4 on 5/5/2013)

Supporting Group Work

Reciprocal Reading Group Collaboration Rubric WordPDF


3 Poems (This is Indiana/ Front Porch/ Midwest Town)

Midwest map

Instructional Idea Bank

  • As part of Do Now, play rural sounds as students enter (birds, crickets, stream/babbling brook, etc.)
  • To integrate project-based learning multiple intelligence project task
  • For supporting group work, use rubrics for teachers as well as for students on tables/desks; use http://rubistar.4teachers.org or other teacher sites for examples of rubrics that help students and teacher assess student work in groups

Reading Comprehension Strategy Bank

Grade 7

anne frankCourage Unit Materials


Holocaust Resources

  1. www.annefrank.org
  2. Facing History and Ourselves
  3. Scholastic “We Remember Anne Frank” Project Site
  4. BBC Anne Frank Series

Research Project Materials

  1. Research Notes Graphic Organizer WordPDF
  2. Research Project Rubrics Word/ PDF
  3. Student Resources Page

Unknown 3

Character Unit Materials

Lesson and Unit Plan

Reciprocal Reading Materials

Debate Materials

images 2

Argumentative Writing Materials

Other Materials

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