Experience in Schools

New York City Department of Education Coaching  Sites

District 1 Schools (PS34, PS63, PS134, M361)

District 2 Schools (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS77, MS114, PS124, PS126, PS198)

District 5 Schools (Bread & Roses Integrated Arts HS)

District 7 Schools (Foreign Language Academy of Global Studies HS, Health Opportunities HS)

District 8 Schools (Lehman HS)

District 9 Schools (Bronx High School of Business)

District 11 Schools (JHS144)

District 12 Schools (Kappa III MS, Bronx Career and College Preparatory HS)

District 18 Schools (It Takes a Village HS)

CFN 206

Other Urban School Consulting Experience

Boston Public Schools

Boston Teacher Residency

Boston Debate League

Choices Program (Brown University)

Research and Evaluation Consulting Experience

MS/HS 223 Finance and Technology

Areté Education

Urban Education Leaders Collaborative (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Urban Education Leaders Program (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Tufts University Department of Education

3 thoughts on “Experience in Schools”

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  2. Hi Sara
    I have been trying to find this blog post on your website, but can’t seem to locate it. I wanted to share it with other teachers in a webinar, but when I click on the link I pasted in a word document it won’t open; perhaps some security issue, but copying and pasting the link works. The following is the link in question; do you still have this document on your site somewhere? https://sarahbsd.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/introduction-to-ubd1.pdf

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Equity & Leadership in Urban Schools

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