EQ Insights for Great Teachers

An active, engaging workshop for educators to increase self-awareness, build confidence, and improve personal interaction skills to enhance performance for classroom teachers, teaching assistants, paraprofessionals, student teachers, afterschool educators, and homeschool educators.

Each participant receives a personalized workbook with their EQ assessment results plus custom exercises and tips to put their learning into action. This workshop is offered as an online course (four 90-minute sessions; or a 8-hour in-person workshop as one full day or two half-days). For the online version of the course, 90-minutes sessions start on the first Monday of the month, followed by 3 additional sessions on the following Monday evenings.

The online workshop is $195/person or $500 for a team of three. The in-person workshop is $295 per person or $500 for a team of two and includes meals and an EQ gift.

frequently asked questions

What is EQ and why do you focus on it?
Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, simply means being smarter with feelings. Feelings drive people, and people drive the performance of organizations and teams. What we know from research and practice is that EQ is a learnable set of skills and capacities. By focusing on growing emotional intelligence, we leverage a powerful driver of change to reach our personal and professional goals. EQ is an essential skill set for youth and adult learners alike. When we focus on social and emotional learning (SEL), we build EQ skills like self-awareness, empathy, and intrinsic motivation which have enormous positive impact on academic and life outcomes for students.
Do you work with individual schools or school districts?
Yes! I have worked with hundreds of individual schools and major school districts in New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Louisiana, and California. I am able to support EQ work in schools and districts.
How do you work with clients? Do you have a set program or package? Or do you customize for the client’s needs?
Great question! I offer several stand-alone workshops in EQ, SEL, and Leadership appropriate for schools, parent organizations, school districts, and individuals. You can check out my Book Page to see the details and schedule of upcoming workshops. Most of my clients, however, engage me with customized services depending on their budgets and needs. I have a wide array of tools and coaching methods that I use to engage with clients.
Do you work with parents?
Yes! I am a parent, and I love supporting parents and families to reduce stress and conflict and generate new solutions to chronic problems at home and school through parent and/or child coaching and SEL or EQ workshops.
Do you accept POs for payment? Do you accept online payments?
When working with schools or school districts, I can accept payment as a vendor and through purchase orders (PO). I also accept online payments.