S.H.A.P.E – Reaching Your full Potential

I invite you to learn more about an amazing program called S.H.A.P.E designed by Tekena Ikoko and his partners at Cankata that is changing lives, including mine!

I began my journey with S.H.A.P.E self-coaching, self-agency, and self-therapy program at the end of May, and 35 exercises and 20 life-changing insights later, I am only 2 weeks into my 12-week journey.

I recently interviewed Tekena about the S.H.A.P.E Program, and I’ll be publishing portions of that interview throughout June to help build awareness about a once in a lifetime opportunity for 100 youth ages 18-25 and female entrepreneurs to join the North American pilot. 

S.H.A.P.E Pilot in North America

Join youth ages 18-25 and female entrepreneurs who will be working to reach their full human potential this summer by joining the 3-month S.H.A.P.E Program.

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