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Time’s Paradox

When I received my Triple Negative Breast Cancer diagnosis on November 8, 2022 I was in the midst of scrambling through the diagnostic gymnastics

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EQ Cafe: Purpose 2022

Join a growing community of EQ practitioners for 90 minutes of free EQ practice via Zoom. We gather monthly on Friday mornings to grow our emotional intelligence through interactive, fun, and wisdom-generating exercises with people from around the US and around the world.

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A man of character

Loss, sadness, grief even. Those feelings engulfed me yesterday morning, spurred by the news my iPhone sent through my earbuds and into my internal

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Turtle Metaphor

I wonder on days like today just how much capacity human beings have. I think we see ourselves, our abilities, and our output as

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The Wire

The Wire, in my view, is the Invisible Man of our times—a story whose characters both symbolize and actually live at the fraying edges

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